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Maybe. I'm getting more restless, and itchy to be more in the world now. I'm still pretty isolatory, but not to the degree that I once was. I need to take what I have learned and apply it to my life, and that means that I have to get out and live it. 

I'm trying. I'm still not ready yet, but I'm almost there.  Tax season has to be over first, I'm thinking. I'm much too tired now. Before, it was just me withdrawing. Coming home, taking a nap, eating something, taking a shower, and going to sleep to just wake up and go to work again...well, 'tis pretty exhausting. 

To all of you who are feeling ignored, please don't. I have had years of trying to be sociable, and putting myself out there when I really needed to just take a break and never did...well, my psyche made me take a break, whether I wanted to or not. When presented with a choice of going completely batshit crazy or taking a hiatus from the outer world...well...guess I'm resting. Otherwise, the men in white coats and butterfly nets will come take me to their "rest home." :)

Soon, all. Soon.

So, in other news. Hubby and I are going to be doing a trust excercise on Sunday. He is going to take me out. He will choose what I wear, what I eat, where we go, how to get there, everything. I'm not going to make suggestions, or correct him in any way. This is for me to trust that he can do stuff without my help, and that he really has been paying attention and knows me better than I think he does. It's also to help him feel respected and appreciated and help me become less of a nag and a better wife. 

Woo hoo for growth!

Let's see how this works out! 


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