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So. I decided to make some dinner and invite my husband's friends over. No problem. Made Cuban Chicken, rice, green beans, and a chocolate cream pie.

Then somehow the grand idea of buying a good bit of alcohol came up, and I was taking my SIL to her friend's house in Vienna.

Again, no biggie. One of my husband's friends, he's been drunk over here before, and he's cool. I don't mind hanging out with him. His other friend, the bassist in his band?

Sloppy drunk. Like, so sloppy, he broke the towel rack in my bathroom. Ripped it right out of the wall.

Hubby says he can fix it, but I was still a little miffed, because dude couldn't handle his beer, and he was just being loud and annoying as hell.

We told him to crash here, and Hubby got up and took him home this morning. I'm fixing things around the house, and found out he broke a glass as well.

He was just obnoxious. D, my hubby's friend, is of Lebonese decent, and the drunk kept being dumb towards him. Drunk was telling racist jokes, and I finally had to be a bitch and tell him to knock it off. Just because I'm from the South doesn't mean that I am automatically anti-anything-that-isn't-white. Saying that you have black friends does not get you off the hook for telling such jokes. If you have black friends, you should be as offended as I am at these jokes. Race issues will only stop being issues when we stop making an issue of race. (Hope that last statement made some sense.)

I'm so sick of shit like this. People actually wonder why I had to get rid of my southern accent to live around here. I'm so tired of these stereotypes.

Ugh. Now I am going to finish laundry, and get ready to take the hubby somewhere to get the stuff to fix the damn wall.

Loves to all!
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