Jan. 17th, 2008

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Okay...so I took the day off yesterday. I woke up just feeling crappy, and I had another weird ass dream, and I said fuck it. I called in. I know it's tax season, I know I had a crapload of work to do, and I felt really bad for doing it...but I had to. I just couldn't make myself get up and go in. So, I took a day for myself, and spent it in bed. Hubby and SIL were at their respective schools, MIL was at work, and FIL works from home, but he stayed upstairs most of the time. I woke up intermittently until about 1pm, when I was awake for good. I watched TV, read a book, and was basically recharging my batteries until I had to go get the hubby at 4pm. I was cranky that I had to be back in the world, and I (unfairly) took it out on him for awhile, and then I snapped out of it. We came home, I made him some food, and had to go back out to pick up a used textbook from some guy who was selling it much cheaper than what the new one cost. After that we went to the music store, he picked up a CD, and we popped into Trader Joe's so I could get a decent box of soy that's pretending to be chix nuggets. We came home again, he went out to the gym, and to deposit his paychecks, and I hung out with SIL watching DeGrassi High. That is a soap opera for tennyboppers....holy crap. So, I gave myself a little manicure, helped SIL with French homework, (I've never taken a French class in my life...) had dinner with the family, chilled on the computer a little bit, and took a shower and went to bed. Not before snapping at Christian for making what I thought was a snide comment. We watched a little TV, and then he was so wiped out, he conked out. I watched TV for a few more minutes, and turned it off. Surprisingly, I was able to get sleep with relative ease. It's hot as hell in that room at night, I have to figure out a way of closing that vent. The Bolivians keep it so hot at night, and I can't stand it. It has to be at least cool so I can sleep. If it's hot as hell in the basement, I don't even wanna know what it feels like upstairs. Oh well.

So, I'm here at work, there's been a bit of drama, but I didn't get in too much trouble for being out yesterday. It's snowing, and the schools are letting the kids out early, at around 2pm...and I'm trying to get ahold of my husband so that we can figure out a plan to go get his sister. Her mother can't get there, and hubby is not answering his phone. Grr.

I can't leave early to go get her. If I do, I have to come right back, and that's just gonna be fun with the roads being what they are. Gah!

Hubby needs to answer his phone...


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