Jan. 23rd, 2008


Jan. 23rd, 2008 09:04 am
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 I hate it when my co worker feels diminished. Somehow, that translates to "Step on HC to make me feel better..." 

She's gotten busted for so much crap over the past week, and caused our computers to crash...so she's feeling a bit...

Out of sorts.

So. Whenever someone mails or brings in their work for us to do, she is getting pissy because if the person who usually does it asks that it be handed to them directly, I don't sign the work in. Sure, I could...but they are usually not my client. If they were, I would sign it in. 

I hate it when people get pissed at me for not doing THEIR job. 



Jan. 23rd, 2008 02:18 pm
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 I am finally working on that client that I have been working so hard to avoid. I got started on them a little while ago, and then put them aside whenever I had the chance. Now it's down to the wire, and while I am not that stressed out about it, I am getting irritated that some of our records don't match what the computer has, and it's making my life difficult. I wasn't the only one who worked on these people during the year, and now things are all hoobydooed. 


Oh well. I'm moving right along, I suppose. I had to get up early to get the hubby to school. We enjoyed a pleasant evening last night. I paid my SIL $50.00 to clean out my car and detail it. She is going to wash it when it is warmer. She is so excited that she opened up a bank account, and she has a Visa debit card to use. She was willing to do that kind of work, and I was willing to pay up, so it was a good arrangement. I'm going to pay her $25.00 every two weeks to maintain the clean. If that works out well, I'll pay her a salary to clean our apartment. She needs spending money, and she's old enough to work for it. None of us just want her to get a traditional job, because she is going to high school, and then off to college. She is a good student, but we all think that having a job will take away from her time to do homework. (Man, she has a lot of homework. So much more than I remember having when I was her age!) All the stuff that I am going to pay her for can be done on a weekend. She can probably start cleaning our apartment in the summer, if she wants. She didn't have any homework last night, so she asked if she could do the car. I didn't see any problem with that. After she was done, it was time to pick up my hubby, and we went to her bank to deposit the check. Poor thing had no idea how to fill out the envelope for an ATM deposit. After I helped her, we went to Chipotle, and she bought us all dinner. She said that when you are paying for it, you realize how expensive it is to eat out. My husband and I just looked at each other and grinned. So after dinner, we went to Borders, so she could pick up a copy of "Hamlet" and I could get a book to read, since I seem to be on a reading roll. Anne Bishop is a really good author...I have to admit. Hopefully, after I run out of her books, I can find another good author and read through all of their series. I don't know. I've never really enjoyed sci-fi before, this is the first fantasy author that has really kept my interest. If I can find another author that writes with the same style, I'll probably pick them up too. Anyway, hubby and I picked up the cost of her book, (he was shocked because he knows that I have Shakespeare's Complete Works at home, and thought that she should just use that, but she has to write on her copy.  He wasn't too thrilled with that idea) then we went to CVS and then home. I didn't read any of my book last night. I just took my shower, gave myself a manicure, and read a little of my Smithsonian magazine and cuddled with the hubby while he was doing homework. After that, we went to sleep. 

It was SO not easy waking up this morning, but I managed, and got to work pretty early. There was a little drama after my boss got in, because my co worker seems to be on a tear about something...I don't get it. She got caught doing stuff on company time that she wasn't supposed to, and she's throwing a fit. Go figure.

Oh well. I need to leave the office around 4:30 today to go get my husband from school...and then I am going to get dessert with my Life Coach. I guess I had better make myself useful and try to get some work done. 

This has been a good day so far...I would like it if it would stay that way.


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