Feb. 4th, 2008

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 Oh yeah baby!

Saturday was great! I woke up early, made a good breakfast for the hubby, took him to work, went to the bank and deposited some money, bought water, went to Ulta and picked up some more stuff to make me all purtyful, went to DSW and bought some orthopedic dress shoes for work (tax season is here, and I'm going to be on my feet A LOT) and some nice Liz Claiborne shoes to wear with jeans. Oooh...they are so pretty. After that, I went home and started laundry, and tidied up a bit. 

After I went and got the hubby, he was working on his painting, and we were figuring out what we wanted to do that evening. (By the way, he got a phone call from a gallery in London...they want him to be a part of an exhibit. We checked it out, and they are totally legit. He is expecting a phone call from the owner to get details as to when and how he should send over his artwork!) We had made plans that we were going to have our "date night" We finally ended up going to Olive Garden, after I got all gussied up. He was very sweet, and very charming. We had a drink at the bar while we were waiting for our table, and then had a lovely dinner.  Then we came home and topped off the evening with some mattress dancing...LOL

Sunday was quiet. Made pancakes, had breakfast with the SIL and the hubby, tidied the bedroom a little, finished the laundry, and got dressed and went to Ulta again, then Borders, and did my grocery shopping. I came home, made the bed, chilled out for awhile since the SIL was cleaning our bathroom, (She needed money, so I said that I would pay her $50 to clean the bathroom and clean my car again) and then we went to the car wash, and then the bank. She practiced driving for a little bit, and then we came home. I was trying to make some dinner (Lasagna Rolls with Pesto) but then the other half of the Bolivians walked in with pizza, and we had dinner while watching the Superbowl. My SIL and I were doing our nails during the game, and then I cleaned the kitchen, and went downstairs to take my shower and go to bed.

I woke up this morning, took hubby to school, and here I am at work. I've got a few things to do, but nothing major. Hopefully, it'll stay that way, so I can get off early, and go home. 

Life is treating me really good at the moment. I'm loving this weather, it was a gorgeous weekend, and I'm so happy to be alive....

Oh yeah...

Feb. 4th, 2008 10:43 am
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Finished another Anne Bishop novel yesterday.

I'm 2 books away from finishing all of her various series, until Belladonna comes out in paperback.

Then I'm at a loss of who to read next.  I hear she has another book coming out in her Dark Jewels series...but who knows when that stuff will come out in paperback...

I do not buy hardcover stuff unless it's on a really good sale...or I'm at the used book store.

That's a thought. Used book store, I know there is one in Fairfax, I just have to remember to go to it. It's just so easy to go to Borders, and they have the Rewards Card...

They like to give me free money for spending lots of my own.



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