Feb. 11th, 2008

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 Oh dear...who knew when I came home on Friday night, that one meeting for dinner would turn my weekend upside down?  Not in a bad way, mind you, I made two new wonderful friends...but man, my life needed some shaking up, and boy did it...

Friday, I meet N (life coach and wonderful friend) for dinner, and she has her sister and sister's partner with her. C & E, (as I will call them), were living with the sisters' mother, and things were not going so well. After a discussion of which several abuses and atrocities were named, I said that I knew of a place that they could live, and could do it cheaply. (I was thinking of the basement apartment in which I lived while I was waiting for the house in Oakton to be available.) I promised to take them after dinner to ask if one of the rooms were still available. There was. They didn't get the room that I was in, but the other one. It's perfect for them, and hopefully, it will suffice until they can get on their feet. 

Anyway, it was getting pretty late, and I said that the ladies could stay over at my place, and we would go pack their stuff and move them tomorrow. They lived an hour and a half away, and E had a job in Reston. The gas they were paying for made up for the rent for the room, and they were closer to N and I, in case they needed anything. These are definitely good things.

I get them settled in for the night, (by the way the Bolivian and I are having arguments most of the week) and we decided that I would drive them to go get their stuff. We take my car, because it's bigger, and we make the trek to the backwoods. C is having anxiety attacks because she is afraid that her mother and her other sister will come home and be assholes. When a grown woman is having panic attacks, that ain't cool. I tell her not to worry, I'll be there, and things will be okay. If something should happen, I'm right there, and I won't allow any harm to happen to them.

So. The winding roads that they took me down freaked me out a little bit. I'm from flatlands. I'm not comfortable driving down hilly windy roads, and E had to do that drive twice a day. 

She is SO glad she's moving.

Anyway, we get everything packed up, I get lunch for everyone, and we begin the ride back. We get them moved in to the apt, and I gather everyone to my house and make dinner. A vegetarian dinner, and everyone is cool with it. Wow...

After that, hubby and I had to have a little talk, one of those that should have waited, but really couldn't, ya know? After a looong talk/fight, I feel better, but I've been rude. People were waiting on me to get them home, and take them to their car, etc. I felt really bad, but it really couldn't be helped. Marriage was hanging by a thread...had to talk it out.

Resentment sucks. It eats away at you, until there is nothing left. However, things are better now. Yay!

Yesterday was "spend time with the spouse" day. It was great. He is at school now, and I am at work, and I should really be getting to it, but I needed to post about this. Saturday was the day that I felt better about myself, because I'm important in a lot of people's lives, and I am truly appreciated and needed. 

Tonight I am going to drop off a little cart for the ladies, and hope that they are settling in well. They have kitties, and it made me realize that I need a pet. Dog, cat, anything...but I need a pet. I need a baby to take care of, whether it be from my loins, or a furry four footed child...I need something to cuddle and love when hubby isn't in the mood to do so.

He's allergic to cats, which sucks, because I prefer cats. I have to find a breed that is conducive to people with allergies, and that is hard to do, because I really don't like the Sphinx breed. I wish there were a hairy cat that was allergy friendly...or at least not so bad that a Claritin or Benedryl would be an effective preemptive strike.

Anyone have any ideas?


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